What I Learned in February

I didn’t mean to take such a long break from blogging.
See, I remember something about a snowstorm. Then, there was Valentine’s Day and then, a few nights of staying up entirely too late watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and of course, when I work on any big writing projects, time vaporizes, but the point is bam, good-bye two weeks.
However, life away from the screen always proves valuable, and February taught me a few things (It taught others a whole slew of lessons too).
1. I need to play tourist in my hometown more. I could post on this kind of thing once a month. In fact, that’s a good idea, I just might. I live in such a fun and artsy city
2. If you receive a gift and it has a library card as a clothing tag, you know it is going to be a good gift. Thank you, Lindy Allen. Thank you, Out of Print (which combines super soft tees and  vintage book covers). Can you think of anything better? I simply cannot.
3. If you go into a wig store, you cannot try on wigs. Imagine a certain five-year-old’s disappointment.

4. Deciding on a song for your life’s anthem, is not easy. I am seeing a crew of my favorite friends in two months, and the non-game player of our circle has decided to become a game planner. Not only are we shocked by her transformation, she instructed each of us to come with our anthem, the pressure.

5. It is easy to forget how God always comes through. I almost gave myself whiplash trying to find God in a recent situation, but He was there. He’s always there.

6. Instead of giving up, start over. I hate starting over. It’s the reason I refuse to play Chutes and Ladders with my kids. In Chutes and Ladders, players make it all the way to the top of the board, and then for no good reason, land on a chute, and are sucked all of the way back down to square eleven. If starting over in a board game gets me this jazzed up, imagine what starting over in life does. Anyway, I am starting over with one of my goals. It’s a daily goal, and it’s hard, and I feel as if I am sitting in square eleven.

7. Rainbow Loom bands aren’t just pieces of plastic you should vacuum up. If you have tweens, you know words like Fishtail, Triple Single, and Railroad. In addition, if you know these words, you will want to come back tomorrow so I can share about a cool service project which all loomers in your house will love.

8. I miss #RiskRejection, and therefore, it is going to be a monthly delay-o. In January, a group of us shared about the risks we were taking. It didn’t matter the size of our risk or if we were winning or losing. I miss that gentle shove to live big. Therefore, this Thursday, March 6th, we are starting up #RiskRejection again. You can find details here. Check back on Thursday if you are interested, write along with us, and tell us about your risks.

9. People must sleep. No brainer for you, but if I am in need of a chunk of time, I cut it from my sleep category.

10. Writing a book is like sitting up with a dying friend. I did not make this up, Annie Dillard did, but it’s insanely accurate. We write and our ideas contain multiple disorders. Disorders we can’t figure out and have no idea how to fix. Often, it makes us feel helpless.

I do not so much write a book as sit up with it, as with a dying friend. During visiting hours, I enter its room with dread and sympathy for its many disorders. I hold its hand an hope it will get better. ~Annie Dillard

11. Chocolate bunnies are not born. No, chocolate bunnies are made, and you watching them being made is fun and very Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-ish. Although the entire time you watch, you may think about what it would be like to lick a giant bowl of chocolate.

: :

Your turn. Tell me something February has taught you. Tell me what song you would chose for your life’s anthem. Share your thoughts about wigs, Jimmy Fallon, or Rainbow Loom. Tell me your favorite way to play tourist in your hometown, or tell me how God is coming through for you.

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  • This post made me all kinds of happy. And slightly jealous – we’re freezing our tushies off up here and you get to go wig browsing with your little sweetie in a t-shirt. 😉 I can’t wait to hear about the loom project you’ve cooked up!

  • Oh, the Rainbow Loom project…stretching stretching your hands out!

  • If only you could try on wigs! I love this very much. You are a wise woman. Sometimes a little break is just what is needed. So happy to be encouraged by those risk-takers again too.

  • I just adore you. Such a great list. I always love these “What I learned” posts. That Emily started something rather fabulous. {Hugs} to you.

  • Great list and we miss risk rejection too!! So glad you’re bring it back!! Love you.

  • I love all things vintage, so I loved seeing your fun vintage pictures. 🙂 In the month of February God taught me that changing my thoughts can change my feelings, can change my attitude, can change the outcome of my life.

    Good to catch up again ~ I’ve added you to my blog list so it won’t be so long until I visit again!

  • I’m glad you had the silence, and I’m sure it was good for you, but I’m so so happy to read your writing again! Also – that book card? Be still my heart.

  • I think I could be in love with the library card thing. Being a tourist in my own town has taken a lot of my time this year because we have an exchange student. It has been fascinating and refreshing to see Chicago through her eyes. We love the history of Europe–she loves the skyscrapers of America. And she’s right. It’s a beautiful city. I forget, since usually what I’m focusing on is the traffic!

  • I love a comfy t-shirt and one with a library card tag? That is the kind of marketing that sucks me right in. God does always come through – glad He sits up with you and your dying friend (who I am confident will come back to life in the form of a hardback). Thursdays huh…I might cave yet : )

  • the news and the name of my anthem (yet to be written, but will be win a grammy, i am sure):

    the rainbow loom is still in the package.