In and Around My Days

I walk outside and discover a ping pong paddle, our purple hippopotamus stool, three forks, one spoon, a plastic pet lizard, two large buckets (which I had no idea we owned), an over-sized rock, a wagon, and sand, an enormous amount of sand. I find these items scattered about our yard very Clampit-like, but not at all troublesome. In fact, the view is quite normal, and I don’t even consider picking any of it up.

I wear a skirt I’ve owned since ’98 and deem it stylish.

I consider approaching the manager of my favorite grocery store because if I have to listen to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” one more time while I shop, it is going to be a total eclipse of my sanity.

Our house has been hit with a second round of what the schools are calling the norovirus, and what I am calling over a month of washing, bleeching, and disinfecting every surface in my house.

Oh and I talked about couponing at lunch.

So, yeah, there’s that.

It is apparent I am in a funk.

The kind of funk that even signs like this can’t cure.

In other news, I skyped with this fab lady, and she agreed to help me with book release related happenings, and this makes me clasp my hands, jump up and down excited because people, September is not that far away, and although the book is written and the publisher says edits are complete, there is still much to do.

And now for a quick, and totally unrelated story:

A few weeks ago, on the way to work, I saw a fire, a real fire, a fire which engulfed an entire house. Watching it made me understand the saying “swallowed by a fire”. The bright flames reached their long arms around both sides of the tiny home and threatened to crush it. Then, as I pulled up behind a long line of cars, I saw several men jump out of their cars and run towards the house.

At first I thought the men lived in the house, but as I watched them trudge up a muddy hill in dress clothes, I understood they thought someone needed help.

There’s something about the kindness of strangers that gets me every time, even when I am in a funk.

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  • I get that funk sort of feeling and those seasons. I can picture you in this post, walking all around finding random things and looking at them quizzically. This is what happens to me on any sort of day throughout my house. Ha. Love you, Amy-friend.
    PS: Can’t wait for your book! 🙂

  • You know what we all need? Winter to just go away and let Spring come out to play already. Hang in there. (And I can’t wait to read your book!)

  • Joining you in funkdom right now… but really cheered by the last bit you wrote. Encouraging to know that people care like that.

    Now… dance party

  • ummmm. get well. soon. and you have infinitely more year to own an immaculate lawn than you do with little girls home to leave out the i-don’t-recall-these buckets.

  • Yup, its that kindness thing. Praying for you and that a little joy seeps in. I’m feeling a bit funky town myself this month. I especially hope the norovirus goes far, far away. PS I love your heart.

  • Oh, wow. The running toward the house – that’s awesome. Strangers helping others will bust you out of a funk, for sure. Though Total Eclipse of the Heart on repeat is grounds for a funk. No doubt.

    Excited about your book 🙂

  • so let me know if you start couponing and tell me the secret please! I’m still cycling in and out of coupon phases. Hope ya’ll get to feeling better soon. Bleh to the norovirus – that thing is wicked.