#RiskRejection: Ask for What You Want

1. Ask For What You Want Goal #1: Get Jia Jiang to engage with #RiskRejection participants. I created a video and asked the inspiration behind our risk fest to give those who are participating in #RiskRejection some much deserved encouragement. I am certain he will think I am a total nut job.
The Result: 

2. Ask For What You Want Goal #2: Speak more. My agent tells me I need to start speaking more (as in speaking to groups of people). I don’t hate this idea even if I look very uncomfortable and make faces like this.

Therefore, I sent out my information to several places in need of a speaker.
The Result: Still waiting.

3. Ask For What You Want Goal #3: I asked a big time author to write the forward for my book (releasing in September 2014). In addition to the request, I also included this picture of our family minus one daughter who was sick and plus one cat who is absolutely, positively not allowed in the house.

Oh my. She could think I am a nut job too.
The Result: Still waiting.

Even though I don’t have answers to all of my requests, there is a rush which goes with taking a risk. Waiting is uncomfortable, but already worth it.

Your turn.

If you would like details about participating in this link-up, go here. If you would like to just peek in on the risks others are taking, well, that’s allowed too.

The rules for the link-up are as follows:

1. Tell about a risk you are taking.
2. Encourage others.


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  • You are such a delight, and encourager and an inspiration. Simply LOVE your photos! Big smiles over here. Love ya.

  • More speaking, huh? That’s awesome!

  • Oh wow — asking a big author to write the foreword! That is wonderfully huge!
    My stomach has butterflies FOR you!

  • Can totally see you speaking my friend – I would totally be on the front row shooting spitballs at you if I lived closer.

  • It’s time for us to finally be in real life friends. I’m going to crash one of your speaking gigs :).

  • Way to go, Amy! Can’t wait to see how your risks play out. 🙂

  • Wooohooo! You go Amy. So proud of you. X

  • You crazy you! I’m excited about your risks and hope you hear soon. Truly, your message is inspiring and I hope more people get a chance to enjoy your contagious spirit.

  • I love your risks! I don’t know you that well, but they seem perfectly suited for you. Risks are so “personal.” What’s hard for one person may not be hard for another, so everyone’s risk looks different. The risk is powerful to you because it’s you on the line. So rah, rah, rah — cheering you on as you reach out and step out in faith no matter the cost!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  • You are so stinking cute. I’d go listen to you speak – come to Canada, okay?

  • Lov e that you are taking these risks!
    Way to enter the New Year. Keep us posted and thanks for the challenge 🙂

  • Jen

    Your a risk QUEEN! But ya…the silence is the hardest, huh!? Looking forward to all that comes from this powerful month of wild, crazy, unleashed risk taking! It’s gonna be good!!

  • I want to hear more!!! I wanna hear more!! Keep risking.

  • M.

    Oh my gosh, I love your 2nd picture up there. I’d hire you based on that. Want to come talk to a bunch of engineering students??? 🙂

  • You go!! I am so glad that you didn’t just issue an empty challenge (not that you would), but that you are right there in the trenches with us. I love to see everyone stepping up!! I wasn’t real sure why I agreed to this #RiskRejection when I did, but I am glad I did. What a merry bunch of brave girls we are 🙂

  • I really love these. You are doing so great. Speaking really scares me. You are funny, and sweet, and personable and everyone is going to love you. I very much promise!

  • Wow girl!!! Love your risks!! And your such an inspiration!!! Love ya love ya love ya!!

  • First, how in the frickety frack did I miss that YOU HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT!!! Where have I beeeeeennnnnn?? (Maybe that was the time I was birthing a tiny human and moving 4000 miles across country.) But what the what? AND YAY!!! (Ok, enough with the late night excessive punctuation.)

    You are awesome. If I had money, (not Jesus dollars, real dollars) I would pay to fly you to Washington just to speak to me in my living room.

    Stupid excited for you girl. Get some.

  • Hi Amy! What a fun link up. I didn’t write my post with risk in mind, but I suppose it is a bit counter-cultural, so I’m hoping it fits. Meanwhile, thank YOU for the encouragement.

  • I just love that picture of you in the library. It’s so great.

  • Amy–I LOVE that face! I would totally go listen to you speak! 🙂 And, I’m just so excited about your book!! I can’t even tell you. I need to pick your brain over email sometime about the whole speaking and agent things. I want to take some more definitive steps to doing women’s ministry. We’ll see…

  • Thank you for encouraging us to be brave. I would go to hear you speak! Come on over to New Jersey!

  • Two things:
    1. You look amazing.
    2. All the risks I REALLY need to take have to do with dating . . . and I’m a scaredy cat.

  • As I have sat on the sidelines this time, YOU inspire me to get in the game next time.