Sista Sista

“We’re connected as women. It’s like a spiderweb. If one part of the web vibrates, if there’s trouble, we all know it.” Sarah Addison Allen, The Peach Keeper.
Sisterhood is laughing so hard you acquire four chins.

It’s loving each other from the births of babies through the deaths of parents.

Sisterhood is grabbing a sled and turning it into a swimming pool.

It’s finding girls who don’t share your blood, but who know your heart and find ways to fill the holes.

Life is better because you make me laugh, eat good cheese, push through fear, and love others harder.

Cheers to you, lovely ladies. Clink, Clink.

Pics from top to bottom: my blood sista, my mom and aunts, my girls, and the girls.

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Today a group of us are writing about sisterhood.

Soli Deo Gloria is a group of women who encourage and love one another. If you want to read more about sisterhood, click here or click here to learn how you can become involved.

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  • Love it! I have four sisters-in-law and they could as well be my blood sisters. My girlfriends have changed my life so much. It’s totally the laughing so hard you have four chins 🙂 and crying your eyes out in each other’s presence.

  • As usual… Fantastic. And I love how we both took the spin of “sista.” (Its like we think a like or something??)

    So glad WE are soul sistas… perhaps someday we will meet in person 🙂

    Love to you today my sista!

  • This post makes me glad that I’m female… and so thankful for all those soul “sistas” God has graced my life with over the years- many of them I’d have never picked myself, but all of them have been exactly what my heart needs. Love Him for that. And love the way you capture joy here, sista!

  • Instead of doing Christmas cards this year, I am doing January cards to the top 30 sisters in my life … from all the places we have lived.

    Beautiful post, Amy.


  • wonderful, my sister

  • Love it!! And I love that quote-I found it the other day and just let the truth sink in. Don’t we know it when trouble strikes. But don’t we know it when joy strikes, too? Love you and what you have done in and for this SDG Sisterhood.

  • Love it, love it, love it. Especially the part about the sled-turned-pool, and the two girls who were excited to do so together.

    Also, this post makes me think of an old Sara Groves song (I always seem to come back to music), called “Every Minute”.

  • V

    Great description of what sisters should be. Love it!

  • Oh, I love all these pictures! Makes me excited to get together with some soul sistas this weekend that I spend the night with once each year. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for reading, ladies! I appreciate all of you.

  • I love your pics…I get to see more of you that way which is what a relationship in sisterhood is all about: being real together. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts on sisterhood. The sled turned into a pool rocks and reminds me of how one, hot Texas summer we turned a clean garbage can into a upright pool (big cheesy grin). Love ya sista!

  • Great post Amy! I have been blessed by having a sister born to me and MANY that God brought to me. We say ” We laugh till the tear run down our legs”:)

  • My sister in real life (read: the one with whom I shared a bedroom for many years) is a librarian and recommended The Peach Keeper to me. Loved. It.

    Working on my sisterhood post–keep an eye peeled.

  • Ladies,
    I love hearing your stories of sisters and friendships, and Nancy, consider my eyes peeled!