Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Am Jealous of Your Cool Pictures and Giving this Week

I'm jealous of anyone with a camera. They always produce inspiring things.

You know those people. The ones who take a pretty photo, place text on it, and create art.

Like this shot taken by a friend who inserted words from a post I wrote.

Crazy good.

Right now, I don't own a camera (I don't deserve it after I lost two and then dropped our daughter's camera in the river). Plus, even when I do take pictures, I always manage to cut off someone's arm or blur everything. Oh, and not the artsy kind of faded out blur, but just an everything is fuzzy blur.

I am a Compassion Blogger, and Compassion Bloggers are banding together to create a picture of what giving looks like this holiday season. Usually, I make pictures using words, but this week has been full, full, and I've struggled to carve out time to write.

Therefore, I thought it might be fun to show you actual pictures of what giving looks like in my world. Minus the uber cool, artsy fades and inspiring words, of course.

: :

Giving is rallying kids together who normally don't have opportunities to serve.

Giving is creating a family project instead of family debt.

Giving is hearing about a friend's daughter who is creating a presentation in hopes of persuading her parents to sponsor a child. Go, Abigail. I love your spunk, girl.

Giving is ordering something from #2 of this list.

Giving is making pumpkin muffins and mimosas for the second time in two weeks to share with friends.

What about you? What's giving look like around your home this holiday season?



Kendal Privette said...

operation christmas child at my house with my sibs, family trip (i have no financial sense) to the DR to give and serve. and i have very very very few pics to prove it.

Amy Sullivan said...

Financial sense isn't everything. Your boys will remember that trip forever and ever and ever...

M. said...

Carhart knock-off jackets with Hot Wheels stuffed in the pockets, a clean kitchen for my husband to come home to, time spent at lunches and shopping when I want to sleep... Baby quilts stitched full of love, ready to wrap a new one up tight!

Also, I love that you "don't deserve" to have a camera :)

The Wyatt Family said...

Around these parts giving looks like this lately:
- hurting with those that are hurting... giving my heart and support to those who won't have a merry christmas due to grief or circumstance. Lots of prayer for these dear friends, including a wonderful mentor of mine whose father passed away this week... I can do nothing to ease her pain, but I can give my time to hold her hand and cry with her, so I will.
- On a lighter, cheerier note: making lots of homemade goodies (and memories to boot!) for the neighbors. We really do love our sweet little street. :-)

lori mcclure said...

Super cool that someone took your words and made them pop on a beautiful pic. And, the vote is in. Looks like we're sponsoring a child soon :)

Traveling Pirate said...

There is an amazing entity in my area that services adults with developmental disabilities. They provide transportation, programs (art, music, fitness, etc), jobs, and homes so that these folks may live a life of dignity. They also have a market with fudge, gourmet popcorn, and other goodies they produce and I always shop there during the holidays. Today, when I went, there was a long line of these special adults getting sweet treats and delicious drinks while on their break from classes. It did the heart good to see such positive and enthusiastic people loving life on a rainy Friday.

Traveling Pirate said...

And their website is if you care to learn more. For the treats, click on Simply Amazing Market.

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