60 Second Service Holiday Style

A Christmasy announcement for y-o-u.

Sorry about the bad lighting and sound. Sorry I am camped out on the tiny, time out stool. Mom, sorry for what I said about the dog ornament (for the record, you usually have amazing taste).

I thought about rerecording the video, but I decided to nap instead.

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To get you thinking about gifts that give back, here’s something I wrote last year. Think of tomorrow’s post as similar to this one only take the eight gift ideas discussed last year, times them by ten, and then add nineteen. Wow, that’s a lot of math for a Sunday. Now, I know I need a nap.

See you tomorrow as we discuss 99 Ways to Serve Your Family and Others this Christmas!

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  • I am totally laughing out loud! Maybe that’s what Max would look like in a bow! No wonder you were in time-out! I love you my dear, nutty friend! (tree looks great!)

  • Oh, the dog ornament is scary… but I’ve got a scarier one… or at least I had a scarier dog ornament for about 3 minutes. So, a few years ago we had this traveling pet groomer come and cut our dog’s hair- they pulled up in an RV and parked in my driveway and took the dog out to be beautified. Kinda strange to have a groomer in the driveway- but it seemed amazingly convenient- easier than driving 20 min to the nearest groomer… then when the sweet lady knocked on my door and returned our dog, she said, “I hope you don’t mind that Scout’s haircut took a little longer than normal. I had him do a little craft for you while his hair dried.” (Yes, we’re still talking about the dog!) Then she handed me a gift bag that said, “Merry Christmas from Scout”. When I opened it up, I found a clear glass ornament filled with my dog’s hair– the hair that had just been cut off him, the hair I wanted cut off b/c I can’t stand animal hair all over my carpet and couches. Okay, so I tried not to gag and thanked the nice lady for the gift and then when I closed the door, my 2 year old said, “yuccky, what IS that?” And as he reached for the glass globe, he dropped it and it shattered all over the floor. Never even got to/had to hang the “craft” on our tree. Guess you haven’t dropped your dog decoration yet 🙂 Can’t wait for tomorrow’s list!

  • Debbie,
    Ohhh, that naughty Max in a bow. He would eat it for sure!

  • Alicia,

    I am speechless. I mean really.

    Ok, let’s break this down. I am very happy your gift didn’t have to do with poop (that was my first thought). Second, did you tip her well? You know for her extra effort? Third, high-five to your two year old. Although that meant a gross amound of hair on the floor. Blah!

    Now, last question: At what point did you decide, um, I guess the drive to the groomer no longer seemed as bad, huh? Ha!

  • You’re right on the poop thing- never thought of that! Just wanted you to know I spread the word today on my blog about your 99 list.. hope your marvelous ideas spread like wildfire 🙂

  • lol, it has its own little charm, right? You are on it with your tree up already. Wow. And that list you made awesome. Just saying it again 🙂