Sunday, May 13, 2012

Prom Dresses and Book Drives and Scholarships

Prom dresses, book drives, and scholarships, oh my.

Today’s teens, you know I love them, but I’d be lying if I said they were an easy bunch to motivate.

However, hits teens with relevant topics, encourages them to get involved in issues that interest them, and even hands out scholarships for activism.

Oh, yeah, cold, hard scholarship money.

There’s more, doesn’t just encourage kids to get involved, it also organizes relevant ways for teens to become world changers in their own communities. Here’s a few campaigns is currently running:

Prom for All. This campaign encourages participants to pass on gently worn prom dresses to girls in need. Instructions on how-to run your own campaign here.

Epic Book Drive. Donate books to low income families and enter to win $1,000 scholarship for an individual or $10,000 scholarship for a group.

The Bully Project. Easiest campaign ever. Take a quiz, share it with your friends, and help collect info on bullying.

Want to hear more about the scholarship money? No essays, letters of recommendation, or good grades required. instead honors teens who take action in their communities. Here's more info on the cha-ching.

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So if you are a parent, teacher, youth leader, grandma, aunt, or neighbor of a teen, this may be the time to yank the earbuds off that teen you know and direct them to All campaigns have deadlines, but summer campaigns run even when school doesn't.
 Question for you: I'm guessing you didn't donate your prom attire. Where's that gorgeous and fabulously overpriced dress today?
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Our online book club starts Wednesday. Need to hear what other clubbers are saying?

Amy - I started 7 this weekend and cannot put it down. Courtney

Amy, I think I plan on blogging on each chapter through the eyes of someone living overseas. I love this! I was going over it with a gal I mentor on Friday and we both were seeing all of the ways it could apply to us too. Amy

Amy, I don’t want to read Jen’s book. Jen’s books make me uncomfortable in my comfortableness. Jen’s books make my husband think I’m crazy. Jen’s books grow me and stretch me and aren’t very much fun. But God doesn’t care about my comfort, he cares about my character. I'm in. Mariah

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Alicia said...

Thanks for the tip on DO SOMETHING- the name alone makes me smile and feel motivated :) My kids are do-ers by nature, so now all I need to do is focus all that doing! As for my fab prom dress? The gorgeous, bejewled fushia mermaid style prom dress from 1990? It's in Grandma's dress up clothes closet and is often a favorite in the fashion shows the cousins perform during holiday visits. Can't believe my niece didn't ask to borrow that hot dress for her prom this year. Surely the mermaid style will return in time for my girls' big prom nights? ! ? Hope your week's a good one.

Amy Sullivan said...

A mermaid prom dress? Oh, we'd be friends. I also sported a mermaid prom dress. Mine was teal. Fancy, fancy. I'm shocked your neice didn't want to borrow the dress too. I really think they are back in, ha!

As for my dresses, I wish I had them. My parents tried to sell them at a garage sale while I was in college and ended up giving them away...shocking!

Kelli said...

This is great! I like it...

Dionne said...

I love that there are sites that help teens be a part of something important, real and that matters. I gave my Prom dress to Goodwill. Does that count? I love the DoSomething...wish we would all b/c even just a little giving goes a long way.


I like projects like this that are matched to things students think about and understand.

Amy in Wanderland said...

Had so much fun looking at this site at work today instead of working like I was supposed to. You are just full of good, distracting info. Love.

Lisa notes... said...

Your posts are so inspiring, Amy! You're so full of God ideas. Thanks for sharing these.

goose-chasing said...

I would love to join your book club but am just learning to juggle a new job and everything else. Maybe the next one because I am soooo tempted.

Jennifer @ said...

You really do find THE best ideas.

Melody said...

Amy....I miss you! And I think you're hilarious and I love your blog. Just had to say it. Love these ideas. Would you love me any less if I told you I went to a school that didn't "do prom?" Ha! Yeah, proms were naughty where I came from. So we had "banquets" and such. Whatever. I'm putting on a topless mermaid dress right now. Just Kidding. Really. I am.

Amy Sullivan said...

Donating to GoodWill works...I held a bridesmaid party last year and one of the guests wore her prom dress. It was one of those metalic foil jobs from the early 90's!

Amy, Glad to be a distraction.

Melody, Good to see that little square face of yours. I would love you less if you attended a "banquet" but I'd have to find a way to get over it. A topless mermaid dress is a good start. Ha!

Jenny Roan Forgey said...

It's always fun at your place, Miss Amy. Thanks for the heads-up about My prom dress? No idea, honestly. I can tell you this: it wasn't a prom. My senior class had only 73 people so the whole school was invited to our end-of-the-year dance.

Amy @ themessymiddle said...

I actually wear my prom dresses frequently :) and I'm mid-40's! They are great for tea parties with my nieces or inspiring me when I have to pick up a room and I just don't feel like it. A few month ago when I was back in the States (that's where the dresses live), they were used in a photo shoot for a niece's book project. I have turned a fancy dress I have here in BJ (but don't really wear that much) into "The Math Fairy." So many people don't like math, so she bring good cheer and love of math :). Amy (aka TMF)

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