Thursday, May 17, 2012

On Starting Small

People don't start because starting always begins small. We don't like small. We want to start in grand ways with fireworks, parades, and life changing stories, but that's not how real change begins.

Real change begins small.

Recently, I followed a friend as she walked the steps of starting small and quickly found herself plopped in the center of something big, really big, loving on girls involved in sex trafficking. Now, I know this subject is a hot one for you because every time I post about it, I get email from women longing to help young girls and searching for ways to get involved.

But my friend's story starts small.

She went and listened to the founder of one of the only homes in the country specifically created for girls involved in sex trafficking.

She was shaken by the heaviness she felt even days after hearing the talk.

She decided to meet the needs of the girls in a real way, with soap, toilet paper, deodorant, a party with a purpose, and picture frames that inspired

She delivered the goods and came face to face with two girls, and we both discovered that sometimes a trampoline symbolizes hope.

She determined involvement from a distance wasn't enough.

She signed-up to do something, anything, to work with these girls, and recently she attended a training session.

Here are words from my friend.

: :

I signed up to be a volunteer and just this past weekend went to a training session. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing there – it could be something as simple as driving the girls to different appointments to cooking them meals to teaching them a Bible class to whatever.

I honestly don’t care if they just need me to scrub the toilets for them. I just want to show these girls, these broken girls who have had their childhood and innocence stolen – I just want to show them how very much loved they are. How beautiful they are. How valued and precious they are. That no part of their past is too big or too ugly or too damaged for them to be “lost” or “unloveable”. And I say all that not because I believe we can just “positive think” our way out of our past or out of our brokenness or anything like that.

I say that because I believe in a God whose love is boundless. Whose love knows no limit on forgiveness. Whose love is full of second chances and millionth chances. Whose love is pure grace and endlessly redeeming. Whose love sees beauty where others judge.

: :

I believe this too. I believe in second chances and millionth chances, and I believe small starts change people in life-altering ways.

Are you involved in any small starts? A friendship? A goal? A dream? Also, do you know of any organizations focused on the fight against sex trafficking? I'm always on the hunt for resources.

On Eagles Wings, the ministry my friend volunteers for, recently partnered with a group of online retailers who donate a percentage of online purchases to the ministry. If you want more of the nitty gritty on how a percentage of your online purchases can help this ministry, email my friend, and she'll be happy to give you the scoop.


Rashida said...

What a blessing you all are being to these young ladies who have been trap in sex trafficking


Small beginnings are my favorite kind.

Amy Sullivan said...

Thanks for visiting. Yes, I know my friend will be a blessing to these girls. She already is.

Amy Sullivan said...

Me too. Why? Because small beginnings seem doable.

Nancy said...

You know, when I think about the ugliness of sex trafficking, I don't think about it being in places like North Carolina. I think about NC being all about mountains and beaches and beauty. Thanks so much for highlighting your friend's small beginning. I just clicked over and read about the work of On Eagles' Wings. Good, good stuff.

Molly said...

Thanks for introducing me to On Eagles Wings AND for reminding me that small steps are commendable.

This post is a wonderful introduction to your blog! It's so nice to "meet" you.

Melody said...

Starting small, now with sex trafficking, but with getting to know and serve our local women's half way house - donated towels and washcloths the other week, bought their homemade boxes and stuff for a fundraiser and enjoyed having the ladies come to hear Kendal speak at Mugs and Muffins. Felt God impressing on my heart to write each of them a note and I did. Keeping their names next to my computer and pray for them daily as I ask God for my own strength to do what He calls me to. Also praying for God to open up more doors of building a real relationship with these women. Great encouragement you have given on starting small.

Loraine said...

You know about IJM and IN Network? and
I have a connection to a woman who works with the IN Network, USA-- specifically with the work they do in Ghana. You prob already know about these two?

Love the reminder that starting small is BIG.

busanalayali said...

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Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love this, Amy! Starting small is really all we're asked to do -- be faithful to the light we've been given. How neat that your friend is showing these sweet girls their value with every little everyday deed. I love it!

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