Sunday, May 6, 2012

Consider Joining Us

Recently, one of my friends tried to boss me into reading Jen Hatmaker’s book, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.

Yes, yes, the book sounded amazing, but I just forced a five hundred page, bad boy on my local book club, and my daughter’s summer, kid-centered book club is gearing up to start again. Oh, and there are those two, must-read writing books that continue to taunt me from my bookshelf, and don’t even get me going on Anna Quindlen’s Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake.

Sorry, bossy friend. No time.

Then, another friend recommended Hatmaker’s book.

Sorry, friend with good intentions, please see the above stated reasons as to why I will not read Hatmaker’s book.

Then, an online friend emailed and asked if I would be interested in reading a book together. She thought it looked great and with my mission (serving others as a family), the book would be something I’d be into. Oh, and guess what book it was. You know it, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.

At this point, I figured there must be a reason I am being bombarded with advice directing me to 7, so I caved.

My online friend and I talked. Let’s start a book club. Let’s keep this club small, four people tops, but then, that seemed a tad selfish, and we thought there might be a few more of you interested in participating in this one time, online book club with us.


Here’s the deal. Next Wednesday, May 16, we will begin the book club and read 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. Details of the club’s greatness will be sent to individuals through email, but here are a few must knows:

Club will last one month-ish.

Options for involvement include (but are not required!):
  • Write one post correlating with one chapter of Jen’s book.
  • Click around every Wednesday and read posts by other club members.
  • Leave comments or reply to discussions already going on.
  • Read and reflect on your own time and jump in when you feel the urge.
Then as a super, duper added bonus: Jen Hatmaker agreed to participate in this book club by flying to each member’s house and answering any lingering questions readers may have regarding her smash book, 7. Fine. That’s a total lie, but regardless, word on the street is 7 is pretty life changing.

Should you be interested in participating in this low-maintenance, high fun, book club, drop me an email ( or leave a message in the comments, and my friend and I will add your little name to our list.

Here's the book trailer for those of you who need an extra nudge or want more info on the book:

(email subscribers, please click here)
Question for you: Have you ever participated in an online book club? I'd love to hear about your experience.


Amy Sullivan said...

And Amy Dane of Amy in Wanderland is in! said...

While I doubt it's going to be an all Amy all the time book club ... I just bought a copy for my kindle! I'd heard of the book after I read "The 100 things challenge" and this was the nudge I needed. Also, I miss my book club so this makes me HAPPY.

Jen Ferguson said...

And so...guess what? I have BEEN READING 7! And I don't even have a bossy friend, except that it was Loraine who convinced me to read it because she is from AUSTIN. And do you know (crazy connection, I am one friend removed from Jen Hatmaker -- Hannah's friend from preschool's mom is friends with her.) Crazy small world.

So, I'm in. Will you please send me an email reminding me what to do? And since I'm running my Break the Tape posts on Wed, can I please write mine on Thursday? LMK.

Amy Sullivan said...

So that means Amy Young is in, and if you are counting that makes three Amys.

And JF, you know how I feel about participate when you can. Oh and remember you don't have to post every week. Steph and I will send an email to clarify once we determine who is interested.

Okay, so this is fun.

Gaby said...

Sorry, bossy friend. You know how you feel about 7? That's how I feel about Grace for the Good Girl, so that's what's on my list right now after I finish three parenting books still sitting on my nightstand. But I'll be following to see how y'all do!

Gina @ Holding the Distaff said...

I'm intrigued! And I'd really like to make some new online friends and talk about this stuff on my blog. What do I do to join? Aside from leaving this comment?

Amy Sullivan said...

Yeah, Gina is in!

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh and Mariah at TheeFireWife is in!

Loraine said...

This brings joy to my little heart! :)
And just so you know it takes a bossy friend to know a bossy friend.

I will pop back and join in on the fun conversation that is going to take place here.

Jen- really then, if you are one friend removed then I am now two friends removed from the awesome Jen Hatmaker!

Katie said...

Starting graduate school tomorrow, so can't commit to the book club, but I wanted you to know that I thought about you today when I wrote my blog post. :) This is me saying "Hello, Amy!" :)

Stephanie said...

Ok, this would be the proverbial kick in the behind I needed to get me to read that book. I've known about it, heard about it, and wanted to read, but honestly was afraid - I know me and I know I will fail at 7 even before I've begun. I mean really, I wear 7 articles of clothing every day (it's cold up here in the north), and I work in the public. After a few days some one is going to tell me to go home and change my clothes!
But count me in if you would. Even if I can learn from all of you and from this book just one thing to take away long term and change my addiction to this world, well that will be enough.
Look forward to learning and sharing with all.

Courtney said...

Argh! Well I was absolutely not going to participate, had already made up my mind not to, but then I clicked back over here again and watched the trailer. I'm in. Put me on the list :)

Looking forward to it!

Amy Sullivan said...

Holy cow, girls,
So excited by all the commitments here and through email. Good things are coming!

Kathy said...

So I have been seeing this book around on various blogs and I have really wanted to read it. Bought it today. I'm in!

lori said...

Shoot, am I too late? Surely I can sneak in under the wire...

LW said...

Ok - first time on your blog but I am in. I just started reading the book already, reluctantly and will be blogging about it anyway so why not join in?

Lindsy Wallace said...

I would love to participate! I've never been a part of an online book club but I saw your link via twitter and I am actually half way into reading 7 right now. I'm trying to figure out how to respond in my own life...hearing how other people process it would be awesome! Thanks!


gramjamie said...

I have never been part of a book club, but what better way to start?

Donna said...

Just started month one today and I got Jen's tweet! I would love to participate.

Hopkins family said...

I would love to participate! I've read the book through once but would welcome some community discussion.

Katie said...

Is it too late to get in on this? Just bought the book this weekend, what good timing!

heseesme said...

I can order this book. . is it too late to join the conversation? Do they sell it at B&N or just online?
Thanks Amy. This looks wonderful even if I read it alone. :) But hopefully I won't have to?

Andrea M said...

Um, I think I am supposed to read this book, too. This is the third time in 24 hrs I've been encouraged to read it. God doesn't have to hit me over the head with a book to get my attention (Okay, so maybe He does!). Can I join you, too?

Jessica said...

I would love to join in! Plus, I've been reading this already on my kindle app even before I found this club :-)
My email is ss.scrappers(at)gmail(dot)com

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