Monday, April 23, 2012

On Going to the Desert to Get Filled

Sometimes life leaves me cracked and raw.

I feel prickly, and teeny holes start to form in my thinking. A few even find the way to my heart.

I miss friends who soothe rough spots with laughter, love, and lotion (the suntan variety).

I long for the balm of those who know me best. Girls who call me names over Tex-Mex. Names I don't see when I define myself, but words I long to be: fun loving, wise, multidimensional, a connector of people.

So, I jump on a plane and head to the desert. I take up residence by a pool, drink limeade-flavored deliciousness, and discuss big questions like if Ashton and Rhianna are really together and what to do about babies and bosses. Then, we do what all forever friends do. We belt out Journey in a dark minivan named Blue Thunder.

And I'm not sure why, but soon after, the world makes more sense.

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In case there is any doubt about who is yammering on the loudest, it is I.

Thank you, God, for Leah, Lindy, Steph, Krista and Laura (because cancelled flights only mean free future tickets!), and thanks too for the women I get to meet very soon. I'm not sure if my (in)RL friends know any Journey, but my fingers are crossed.
Do you have a friend who soothes the rough places in life? What kinds of activities do you engage in together to make the world seem right?
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Loraine said...

I love this! Thank God for Leah, Lindy, Steph and Krista! So glad you girls had fun. Love the singing in the van. And yes you are the loudest :) love you!

Thee FireWife said...

Do I know any Journey? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? T-minus 5 days and counting!

Slamdunk said...

Sounds like these adventures will generate multiple ideas for neat blog posts.

I hope you enjoy your fun time Amy.

Alicia said...

Oh, how I love it when God gives us girlfriends who spill His grace right into our veins. And don't mind if we can carry a tune.. just invite us to sing LOUD and happy! (which is good for this non-melodic make a joyful noise woman) :) Smiling just thinking of your desert trip.

Sylvia R said...

Great refreshment in the desert! Thanks for the share!

Renee said...

for a girl living in the south, your voice sounds decidedly un-Southern in this video! of course i know you will take this as being of the highest compliment! :) glad you got some good girl truly is soothing for the soul. hmmm......maybe we should get that red tent erected in your backyard!

Katrina said...

See, you need to get on FB, so I can sufficiently share this with the world. ;) SO EXCITED about this. I will check on Corina's love of Journey, but something is telling me she's a different kind of gal. ;)

redemptionsbeauty said...

Yes, I have two and we met in the desert in Phoenix. We are spread out now and look forward to laughing until we cry a couple of times a year. I feel overdue and need that perspective. Thanks for reminding me.

Shelly said...

Love the video :)

Jen Ferguson said...

Um, can you make your free flight to Austin, TX?? I promise welcome banners and balloons. Oh, and big hair, if you'd like.


I am hopping on a plane next week to hang with friends, too. YEAH.

Court said...

My bestie is constantly smoothing out my pricklies. She knows just how to wind me down and the appropriate times to be outraged along with me. I dearly miss her as she moved to California away from lovely Texas too many years ago but even 1,000 miles away we are still smoothing out daily little pricks.

Debbie said...

Sweet! Love the video, it's crazy!

I could use a bit more of this getting together thing but I tend not to seek it out. But I'm getting a fair number of visits to the farm from girl friends with kids who want to love on the goats!

Lot of fun!

bluecottonmemory said...

I saw Journey twice back in college - I caught the dummer's bandana - still have it and my boys think it is so cool.

There is blessing in the language and laughter of friends! So glad you got that time to let that part of you bloom!

Heart n Soul said...

wow, how good Amy! Celebrating the friendships that make life so very special. You are blessed indeed. :)

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