Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Those Whose Dreams Do Not Take Flight

Dear Friend,

Sorry about that dream of yours, the one you gathered up with Queen Anne's Lace and tossed into your chipped-up wagon since childhood. I know you planned to hold that dream and mold it into beautiful, but now it sits shriveled and useless.

See, life got in the way of your dream.

Addictions raged. The ring fit the finger of another girl. The baby went to the couple who already had three. Your arm gave out when the scout showed up. School became another unfinished item on life's to do list. The job found itself in the hands of someone more qualified. Money never walked its way to your house. Even now, the cursor sits as a blinking reminder that your words don't resonate with others.

Failure lingers, taunting you from the dark, and you hadn’t counted on failure; it was never penciled in. Nope, girl, you had dreams.

I had dreams too. Dreams I held too close to my chest. Dreams I suffocated. Dreams I tried to force to fly.

But I tell you this, my dreaming friend, sometimes regardless of our actions, dreams don’t take flight, and when this happens, you may want to hold onto anything your desperate fingers can grab, but don’t. Resist the urge.

Take some time, take months, or years if you need it, but find a way to brush off the dirt, give those dreams a pat on the back, and send them on their way.

See, sometimes the dreams we want to fly need to crash so we can make room for new dreams. We need to mourn lost hopes, and then quit trying to resuscitate them.

Will this be easy? Hell, no. Think of leaving your hand on a hot stove. It burns, and sometimes scars, but it’s time to clear the runway. New adventures line our paths, and it’s time to give something else a chance to fly.

Go for it, dreamer. I believe in you.



The above letter is from a collection of letters written by nine different authors in Love Letters to the Underloved. Letters included offer love and encouragement to those who often go unseen. Want to read more? Peek  here:

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denise said...

Ok... wow! This is amazing Amy (& the other contributors!). This is the first chance I've had to sit down and take a look at the ezine... what a beautiful gift you all have given. I think the challenge for us all now is how can we keep it going... who in our lives can we write a "love letter" to and encourage? Very cool... :)

Gabe said...

So needed to hear this today, Amy. Really. . .

Thanks for sharing!

predatory-lies.com said...

Thank you Amy. God has been revealing to me how self-obsessed I am - self being me personally and everything small and within my tiny little nearby world. I too want to be bigger, broader, wider and more full of the Holy Spirit to reach others with the love of Jesus.

Amy Sullivan said...

Funny you should ask...that was a question for my next post. Yep, a smarty you are for sure.

Amy Sullivan said...

Thanks for reading, lady.

Amy Sullivan said...

I want to be bigger, broader, and more full too!

Erika said...

These words -- such a needed reminder. Thank you!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Do you know how much I like you and your heart and the way you wield a pen? A whole lot.

Christina Klas said...

wow. you hit home for this defeated dreamer. thank you.

Susan DiMickele said...

Resist the urge indeed. I'm a dreamer Amy. Which is why I keep coming back.

Dionna Sanchez said...

"We need to mourn lost hopes and quit trying to resuscitate them." Great line and great advice.

Theresa Miller said...

This is beautiful and so insightful. Thank you, Amy!

HopeUnbroken said...

let 'em loose to fly. it is only then that we have room for new dreams. new hopes. new aspirations. but as long as those old ones hang around like a pair of worn-out underwear. . . well, we'll keep 'em because they're comfortable. known. doesn't mean they still look good on us, though :-)
headed toward today with new dreams floating above my head (and new underwear on!),

Abby said...

this was absolutely beautiful...i love your voice and the writing here...this project too!...re-reading as I have some time to literally look at and evaluate the shape and action of my own dreams coming to be in His timing:} xo

Sara said...

Amy, this is so beautiful!! And it is so poignant and true for me!! I feel like I'm in the middle of the muddle of figuring out which dreams are mine to keep and which need to be let go. It's such a hard and painful process of discernment. I just keep repeating to myself that those dreams of mine that are of God will come to fruition. And the ones that are all mine, well, they'll go... Thanks for this post!! You rock! :-)

Sara said...

P.S. I "pinned" this to my God-Centered Living board. :-)

heseesme said...

And sometimes we feel like we are held in "layover" but we know all in His timing. Or we try to know. Possibly our "dream" was to be "big" but we are "small". . and it takes longer to be comfortable with "small" for some of us?
But dreams are always difficult when we don't feel like they are ever going to come true. Or when they are definitely not. God closes the door. .and opens the window.
And sometimes we are too far in our own house to see the open window. That happens a good bit to this soul.

Nancy said...

Wow. Just wow. How did I not know that you were working on this? This piece of yours is beautiful, and the other pieces speak to so many places either in my life or in the lives of those I love.

alyssasantos.com said...

Oh, this is such a reminder that we all have broken hearts and lost dreams and a life redeemed filled with healing and new dreams. Thank you, Amy. this is lovely.

Rachel M. said...

Amy that was really beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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