Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abandoned Blogs

Recently, I read that ninety-five percent of all blogs become abandoned.

Now, I’m not a math whiz, but if this fact is true, 225 out of the 237 smiling faces on your right will conclude that the idea of pounding out post after post isn’t for them.

I understand the reasoning behind the abandonment: time, work, new content, new content, and new content. Plus, the idea of pouring myself into a post on Monday only to have it classified as old news on Tuesday night seems pointless.

However, the abandoned blog statistic doesn't make me wonder about the time I’ve already spent in the blogosphere or ponder the question of my own longevity here. Instead, it makes me want to write meaningful posts.

Last week, I stumbled on “20 Ways To Be A Generous Blogger”,  and I silently cheered because one short post, helped me regain my gnat-like focus regarding the hows and whys of blogging. Here are a few favorite tidbits from the post.

A generous blogger:

1. Sees her blog as a way to serve.

2. Uses her blog stats to figure out how she can create more posts of value to her reader.

3. Writes posts that are of service to her reader.

4. Is grateful for her readers no matter how many or how few they are.

Number four reminds me that I don't say I'm grateful for you often enough. Thank you, friends.  Interested in reading more? Click over to Britt's for the full list.

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Another great post on blogging is here by Ann V. Yes, the post is from 2010 and in blog years that is about a decade ago. It's still good.

What about you? For those of you who blog, have you ever thought about shutting the whole thing down? What stopped you? For those of you who read blogs, but don't have your own, would you ever consider starting one? What keeps you a blog reader and not a blog writer?

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Kendal said...

i've been reading blogs for about two years and writing about a year and a half. so far, i haven't wanted to quit. i. love. it. i have noticed that some i follow have quit or slowed considerably, though. i wonder how long we'll do it??? and papers to grade? i try to show thankfulness for not so wonderful things from time to time to help with perspective. i AM glad that i have a job, and papers are representative of that fact! and no, i don't want yours! i have 125 students this year!


I will stop blogging when I run out of ideas . . . so far, that hasn't happened.


Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I love this Amy! I'm in it for the long haul...and I certainly hope you are, too!

Karrie said...

the blog and i have had our ins and outs but i do love to blog and i am glad to be back....i hope that i can at least be a little be of a generous blogger..thanks for sharing!

Sophyta said...

Hi Amy,
I've been reading blogs for sometimes...and almost a year ago I started my own. I'll be celebrating my first blogoversary in a few day's time.

I enjoy reading blogs as much as writing..I haven't wanted to stop.

The Planet Pink said...

I've taken many breaks. Some planned, some not. But I've never thought I'd just shut the whole thing down. Writing is therapeutic to me on bad days, and serves as memory cement on busy days. I don't think I could give that up. I don't think I could give up the community I've found as a result of blogging either. For me that's the real pull. We don't do life alone, and blogging and reading blogs is a great way to be reminded of that.

Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

You are a blogger with heart. You blog with purpose, and your posts so clearly speak to the reader. And you treat us not as readers, really, but as friends. I thank you.

Tracy Teppler said...

Hi Amy - I love that, to be a generous blogger. For me, as awesome as it is to see another face add themselves to follow, I want to believe that I am blogging for that 'one' person who needed to read 'just this' today! I have so many times bounced around and someone's blog has spoken right into my heart. that is what i want for my blog - to speak right into someone's heart, to show them Jesus.
God bless

Melody said...

gnat-like attention....you are hilarious!!

Umm, almost shut the thing down about three different times. Why? I think because I get that "oh my gosh I'm standing in the middle of the street in just my slip phobia" every now and then. I feel stupid and exposed and like what I have to say is ridiculous. I was at this point over the weekend and a random guy in our church who I think reads my blog through his wife's fb account said, "keep the good writing coming" in the handshake time Sunday morning. I didn't tell him but I honestly felt like God was just encouraging me to keep going. So for me it boils down to insecurity at times as to why I consider shutting down. Loved this post. You always push us to think outward faced....love that.

Gaby said...

I started writing for my own sake, to put down my words into coherent stories to preserve the past. Then, when people started following (which still really amazes me!) I began to put a lot of pressure on myself to write "well," whatever that means. Then I had to take a several weeks break to re-focus and realize I write what is in my heart and I refuse to write what is not for the sake of followers or to make sure there is a post there every week. Sometimes two weeks will go by, sometimes I will have three posts in one week. I remain committed to writing when there is a topic and I blog happily that way feeling like my posts are meant ot be written :)

Jenny Roan Forgey said...

I echo Gaby. I try to be authentic when I blog, and that is often difficult because I bow to the pressure of expectation more than I should. I have definitely wanted to quit, many times, but I keep coming back. I'm a writer at heart, and this is a great outlet. And besides, if I quit, I wouldn't 'see' you awesome SDG ladies every week!

Speaking of, thank you for your prayers and your post on my blog today. It meant a lot to me!

Rebecca said...

I began blogging about 5 years ago. During that time there were periods where I didn't blog because other things demanded my attention and also because I failed to make it a priority. I've come to realize that my blog is a place where I worship the Lord so I make it a priority.

This is my first (but not last) time visiting your blog. I love how your heart for service shines through your words.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Viva la blog!!

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

I can understand why a blog is abandoned, it is a lot of work, and sometimes, the time or energy it just not there. However, a blog can also be a source of friendship, and support, that's why I continue to blog.

Tiffini said...

hello miss amy - I have no idea how long I will blog...lol! That is not a very good answer is it?

Right now I am enjoying it. I guess when it is a chore all of the time I will stop.


lori said...

Though it can be tempting to give up, I love the community I've found with other bloggers, and I love writing. I feel like blogging is such a growing experience in so many ways, and I don't want to give that up. That was a great article :)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Fascinating questions. And what a great list, Amy!

95% -- wow. That's high. I don't see myself winding down at all...but who knows what the Lord has in store?

deodate said...

Just what I needed to read Amy, thanks for this post! I've been rather 'cool' with my blogging lately, so much else has been in my path, but your post gives me renewed energy!

Heidi said...

Hi Amy, yes I go through phases wondering if I should stop writing... I'm so busy with the kids and homeschooling and I wonder if my priorities are right. But I realize it is more of a time management issue... an area that God is hard at work in me! I love to write and I want to keep doing it, but I had to set boundaries and as long as I can stick to them I will blog on :) This is something I'm always praying about, so you encouraged me greatly! Blessings!

Sherri said...

Hi Amy. I just this morning wrote in my journal (not my blog) about my discouragement with blogging. I have very little traffic to my blog even with encouraging people to visit and trying to do all the right things. What I have decided is that until I feel God leading me to stop I will continue. Even if no one ever reads my blog again, I want to be obedient and know that God will continue to teach me and bless me through this. Tonight at church our focus was on overcoming discouragement and pressing on. I guess if Joshua could hold out for forty years, I can hang on a little longer. :) It sure ain't easy though! :) Great post and for me, God's timing. Thank you.

Alice Lynn Alfred said...

What a great reminder that as a believer in Jesus, It Is Not About Me, but about serving and loving others....even in the blog world. Thank you for this thoughtful post and blessed nugget of truth!! Many Blessings and Much Love ~ alice

Andrea said...

Blogging is such seasonal thing for me. This summer has been crazy busy, so when I sit to write, sometimes I feel completely tapped out. Now as Fall settles into my toes again, I'm ready to get back at it. Though lately, I've been asking myself the question of "why" I do it. Thanks for sharing this link...great list and gives me some good things to ponder. :)

Jen said...

I think in moments of frustration, I've said, off the cuff, why do I do this?? But my heart is in this, I see God in this, and so, I write.

Plus, I met you through this whole blogging thing and my life just wouldn't be as complete without you in it.

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