Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prepare to Brag

For from him and through him and to him are all things.
Romans 11:36

God made billowing clouds, glowing bugs, flowering cacti, and our crazy, trillion-celled, complex bodies. When we see these magnificent mysteries, we think, yes, that’s God, but why do we struggle to buy into the idea that God created us with special care, and planned each of our gifts and abilities?

Do you know Heifer International began with one man and seventeen cows? I wonder what would have been if Dan West thought farm animals unimportant.

Do you know by the age of eighty-seven, Clara Hale raised more than 1,000 children? I wonder what would have become of those kids if Clara thought mothering unworthy.

Prepare to brag. Tell me one thing you do well. It can be silly or serious. I'd love to hear about your talents and if you find them worthy or worthless.

*Post inspired by Brad Meltzer’s Heroes for My Son

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A Joyful Noise said...

Thank you for reminding me that God did create us with special care, and we do have talents of our own that are important to God, to others, and to ourselves! Your words lifted my spirits this evening as I read your post!

Gaby said...

I am going through a bit of a slump right now wondering what my place in the world is. This morning God sent me two readings (yours being one) to remind me that He made me special, with a plan and a purpose. He is so faithful, isn't He? I'm still digesting your question, but I wanted you to know your words helped :)

Nancy said...

I like to listen to people's stories. And I bring the comic relief! :)

alicia said...

I always struggle to brag on myself but you are absolutely right. Right now I say my gift or ability is to be able to laugh. Finding the good in things to let out a good contagious belly laugh.

Beck Gambill said...

A timely reminder for me for sure! I would say I'm gifted in the area of mentoring. I have the ability to see people, it takes time and grace, which God is constantly teaching me. Everyone wants to be known.

Lisa said...

Amy, great post! God had a plan and purpose when He created me. Right now He is using me to lead our church into a deeper place of worship. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with God.

Kristin Bridgman said...

I'm not comfortable with the word bragging...BUT...people say I have a very compassionate heart and God has led me to have a blanket ministry where I am blessed to use my compassion with the homeless. People say it's such a blessing to them, but the blessings come right back at me! If any bragging is here, let it be to the Lord, who took a shy,quiet girl and gave her the boldness to go out and talk with and share with complete strangers, some who live right underneathe the bridges and abandoned barns. All bragging rights, glory and honor go to HIM!

Jen said...

oooohhhh. Hard one. My talent might be fostering community among women?

Jenn said...

I think becoming a mother has helped me expand those skills of nurturing and relating and guiding into other areas of my life, as well as being a mom to my two girls and the babies I work with.

Theresa Miller said...

Oh, so true that it is difficult to wrap our minds around how God created us individually with such care. And why is it that I could tell you what I am not good at easier than telling you what I am?

I'm a good coordinator. I can take an idea, big or small, and make it happen.

Wait a second. What are *you* good at? prepare to brag!

Amy Sullivan said...

Me? Woo, ok, here goes, I can make mean enchiladas. I am decent at building community in groups. I can be a good listener. I’m a good friend. Whew, that’s hard, isn’t it?

It's fun reading over everyone's skills. I'm learning things I didn't know about many of you!

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

For years, decades in fact, I assumed I didn't have any talents. I was looking for the obvious, like piano-playing or painting or sculpture. I never considered writing a gift -- it was just what I did every day to earn a living. I couldn't see beyond the business writing. I'm grateful God was patient with me and offered all sorts of encouragement through a great many people to get me to understanding that I could use my writing stills to craft more than just annual reports and press releases!

Thanks for linking this up, Amy -- what an encouragement you are!

Amy Sullivan said...

So glad you decided to take a risk and use your skills...they are a true gift.

lori said...

These stories are great, but I don't like talking about what I do well. If I had to pick something, I'd say that I like to encourage and support others, and I think I do an okay job of it :)

Jackie said...

Well I can tap dance, lol..


Actually, I really came to say, great post, fabulous blog, and glad I found you! I feel very similar about your "mission statement" on the above right. New follower and hope to get to know you more!


Lisa said...

this is hard...something I do well...first thing? I eat! I love to eat..I think about it ALL of the time. Sad but true.
I even have been known to get up in the middle of the night ( last week ) and eat two snack pack puddings!
and I absolutely think it is worth while....;)
love ya girl


I am good at creating a welcoming spot in my home for guests.

I am good at being a mom.

I will stop there. :-)


Debbie said...

I am a good hygienist, which means I clean teeth without hurting people!
I laugh LOUDLY.
I love with my whole being.
*and I can personally attest to your friendship, listening and enchilada-making skills!
Have an incredible, confidence-building, fun conference! Praying for you! Love you!!

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked here from Shelly's blog. You have very good posts. Enjoyed the visit. (And followed the link to Arielle's blog about being vulnerable). You have a good blog.

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