Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snippity Snip and There Goes Your Hair

From Tracie is a blog written with a real sense of honesty, vulnerability, and humor. In her words, Tracie writes to those who are "struggling to recover, forgive, and move on after life has left them wounded." Tracie speaks to many, but today we are lucky because today, Tracie is speaking with us.

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Giving can feel daunting. Even when you want to give, sometimes you don't have the money, or the time, or the big idea but. . .

Giving does not always equal money.

Giving does not have to be big or elaborate.

Giving is really about the heart.

Small things can make a BIG difference.

Yesterday I gave something that wasn't big, but it was very long....
(something that I really loved!).

For a woman who is going through cancer treatment, losing hair can be part of the process. Wigs are expensive, especially on top of big medical bills. However,
Pantene Beautiful Lengths will take your hair and make it into a wig that the American Cancer Society will give to a woman free of charge.

Donating hair is simple: First, you grow, grow, grow your hair.

LONG hair
This is my long hair on the right.

Second, you make a quick trip to visit your hairstylist. The donated hair must be at least 8 inches long, so make sure you measure it!

Measuring Hair for Donation

Next, separate your hair into sections and tie them with elastic bands so that the hair stays together. They can not use hair that is loose, so it is a good idea to put an elastic band every few inches on each section of hair. After the sections of hair have been cut, place them in a zip-lock bag, and seal it tightly, because you don't want the hair to work its way out of the elastic bands or get wet/damaged before you mail it.

Now it is time to embrace your short hair, and get a cute cut and style.

This 15 inches of hair won't cure cancer, but hopefully, it will make a hard time in a woman's life a little easier.

Fifteen Inches of Donated Hair

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