Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's on Your TV?

ICarly made its way into our living room this winter, and, I confess, I watch Modern Family, and um, American Idol (but only sometimes). Don’t judge. Oh, fine, judge. I deserve it.

TV viewing isn’t big on my list of loves, but I watch my share of junk, and so does my family.

Today’s focus? ABC’s Secret Millionaire, the show in which millionaires go “undercover,” learn about helping-related organizations throughout the US, and later donate $100,000 of their own money to organizations making a difference in their communities.

Now, I know what critics of the show say about the wealthy throwing money at the poor. I know about attempting to band-aid serious issues, and I also acknowledge that a few contrived situations and perfectly cued music make for happy viewers.

But, with that being said, I also see some good.

To me, Secret Millionaire has little to do with the millionaire and loads to do with people and organizations who work to better their communities and the lives of those who live there. Why shouldn’t good organizations get a little national screen time?

Also, Secret Millionaire provides a platform for discussion with your kids. In one episode, our family hit on abandoned houses, soup kitchens, scholarships, and unemployment.

What about you? What TV shows prompt positive discussion in your house?

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Susan DiMickele said...

Ok, for the record, I hate TV. I usually avoid it, but I too find myself watching my share of junk. And my kids and husband aren't going to turn it off any time soon.

I too like Secret Millionaire. It's a great show. I used to like Heroes a couple of years ago, but they took it off. Now, it's either the news or Disney Channel. Zach & Cody are on all the time.

Amy Sullivan said...

I never watched Hereos, but I'm a news junkie!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

I have not seen Secret Millionaire, but I'm all for TV shows that highlight good deeds.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

What TV show prompts discussion in our house? We watch the news together, and it makes for great discussion. Well-chosen TV viewing can make a great prompt for good discussion. We're pretty selective, though -- always have been.

lori said...

Secret Millionaire was great because I thought about all the help those small organizations were going to get from helpful viewers beyond the gifts from the show. I watched The Blind Side with my kids, and it was great for discussion.

Tv is a balancing act for sure as your kids grow, and you allow more exposure. I don't want to shelter them too much, but I'm still picky about certain things.

marlece said...

I've wanted to see this and now? I think for sure I must check it out!Dvr baby, DVR, it is my friend. I don't think I have watched a commercial in years, cuts the show down to half the time. So, yah, not a huge tv junkie but I'm with you, there is enough going thru this house as well.

Amy Sullivan said...

I actually thougtht the same thing about the organizations that are featured. Maybe they will get support beyone what the receive from the show. I hope so! Yes, Blind Side, loved it.

Amy Sullivan said...

The only way I watch TV is through DVR!

dawnbright said...

Amy, You are so right. I never watch TV unless it's been recorded. I am hooked on DVR.

Amy Sullivan said...

Good to see you here! Love having your voice around the blog.

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