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9 Lessons We Can Learn From Corrie ten Boom


When I hear of the young girl who lives in a camper, walks to a part-time job, and uses two weeks worth of wages to buy her brother’s school supplies, my throat thightens and my voice goes weird. I think the girl’s devotion to her brother makes her a hero, and unlikely heroes surprise me. [...]

Delicious Reads


In celebration of both new school lunchboxes and fading summer days, these delicious reads are for you. *Lisa Van Engen loves a good list and honestly, her lists make me smarter. *Noticing body differences. One girl's stance. One mama's response. *Because maybe it is as simple as loving your neighbor. *This short write by Jennie Allen [...]

Gutsy Girls Read: Online Book Club for Moms and Daughters


I am a starter of projects, and I am a connector of people. The starter piece comes from the fact that I love to watch small ideas grow and spread, and the connector piece comes from the fact that I just flat out like people. Toss together my one part starter, add my one part [...]