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Cheering For You and a Playlist


This photo is one of my favorites. I should have been studying art, but instead, I was studying people. Their shadows created something unexpectedly beautiful, and those shadows made me think of you. You can’t see how stunning you are on this average Thursday when you are busting it day after day, when there is [...]

2015 in Pictures


Happy 2016, friends! I am a girl who likes to race into the new: new adventures, new projects, new situations, but let’s linger for a bit in 2015, shall we? Here are some of my highlights from last year. That time when these hooligans surprised me for my 40th birthday and took me to New [...]

Blasting Consumerism at Christmas


It’s that confusing time of year, Christmas. It's the time when I hustle about attempting to balance Jesus with wreath cookies, wrapping paper, and the pile of gifts inching its way out of my office. Christmas is also the time of year where a running commentary sprints through my head. You spent too much! You spent [...]