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Gutsy Girls Read: Online Book Club for Moms and Daughters


I am a starter of projects, and I am a connector of people. The starter piece comes from the fact that I love to watch small ideas grow and spread, and the connector piece comes from the fact that I just flat out like people. Toss together my one part starter, add my one part [...]

Sullivan Summering


Let’s start off by saying it’s hot in the South. I know there are people who embrace sunny days and sandy toes, and I hear you, I get it, and my kids get it. Hence, tiny painted toes paying tribute to our family's pets (courtesy of a doting Nana). And of course, I adore starry [...]

My Sister and Sisters, Corrie and Betsie ten Boom


My parents drove my newborn sister, Sara, home from the Petoskey Hospital in the front seat of a 1977 burgundy Buick Century. The gray Michigan sky spit snowflakes, enough to dust the car, but not enough to cover the dirty side of the road. My mother held my sister tightly in a yellow quilt as [...]